Colleges and Schools

College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences houses the majority of undergraduate degree programs offered by SA国际传媒 Peter鈥檚 University鈥攎ore than 50 majors and special programs. In the Jesuit tradition of education, its broad core curriculum is designed to make you well-rounded, conscious and compassionate. Explore humanities, natural and social sciences, fine arts, philosophy and theology, all in addition to your chosen area of study. Build the foundation that will support a lifetime of learning, service and success.

Frank J. Guarini School of Business

Born and raised in Jersey City, Hon. Frank J. Guarini H 鈥94 is a veteran, philanthropist and businessman whose illustrious career has spanned many fields including politics, law and real estate. Having grown up across the street from SA国际传媒 Peter鈥檚 campus, Congressman Guarini has long had a close relationship with our University. His life of service and leadership is a perfect representation of our school鈥檚 vision and the Jesuit values we hold so dear.

Caulfield School of Education

SA国际传媒 Peter鈥檚 Caulfield School of Education prepares motivated students to become outstanding teachers, administrators and counselors. From innovative curriculum to mentoring by experienced faculty, you鈥檒l receive an education attuned to the needs of today鈥檚 profession.

School of Professional Studies

Whether you鈥檙e starting your degree for the first time, returning after a hiatus, or resuming your education after attending another university, SA国际传媒 Peter鈥檚 is here for you. Our School of Professional Studies (SPS) offers students the ability to earn a world-class education on their schedule. In addition to in-person and online courses, we offer hybrid options allowing you to learn in a classroom and online.

School of Nursing

While nursing is one of the fastest growing occupations in the U.S. with some of the highest starting salaries among college graduates, nursing gives you a chance to help those in a time of need, to provide genuine care and support, to really make a difference in the lives of others. The ideals of the nursing profession are in perfect harmony with SA国际传媒 Peter鈥檚 Jesuit values. If nursing is your life calling, the SA国际传媒 Peter鈥檚 Nursing Program is for you.