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Handshake is our career platform that offers more jobs, over 250,000 employers, and a personalized experience for our students and alumni.
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SA国际传媒 Peter鈥檚 Career Services uses Handshake as their career platform that helps students and alumni connect with employers to find the right internship or job for them. On Handshake, students are able to create profiles that have their skills listed and academic accomplishments, making them more accessible to employers. Students also have the ability to view companies of interest and post reviews on past internship experiences on the company鈥檚 Handshake profile page. This page will show you how to get started and tutorials on how to use handshake to assist you along your career path.


Getting Started

How to Activate Your Handshake Account:

STEP 1:鈥From your SA国际传媒 Peter鈥檚 email account鈥, go to Google APPS and click the Handshake
STEP 2:From the Handshake homepage you can fill out鈥 your student profile

Trouble Accessing Your Handshake Account???

  • If your SSO (Single Sign On) does not work, you may use the external link鈥 and select
    Student/Alum: 鈥
  • An email will be sent to verify your account. PLEASE ACCEPT and READ听the Terms and Conditions鈥 on听Handshake

5 Steps for Building Your Handshake Profile

1. Upload Your Documents

  • You can upload resumes, cover letters, certificates and other professional documents to听Handshake. (NOTE: Handshake will ONLY accept PDF and DOC files)
  • To upload a document, go to: My Profile -> Manage Documents听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听听Upload Document screen view

2. Build your Resume!

Build resume screen view

3. Showcase Coursework and Projects

Manage profile instructional view

4. Make Your Profile Public to Employers on the right hand side of Student Profile,听Handshake will indicate if your profile is private听and cannot be seen by Employers.

Click on Make Profile Public鈥 for Employers to听view your completed Handshake Profile when听you apply for job/internship opportunities.

Publication of profile instructional view


5. Search for Jobs and Internships

For more information and technical听help here is the Student/Alum听Handshake Help Link:

Further contact instructional screenshot


Here are some links from the Handshake Help Center that could help out a lot: