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Center for Career Engagement and Experiential Learning

The Center for Career Engagement and Experiential Learning (CEEL) provides professional guidance and resources for lifelong career development. CEEL strives to prepare and empower students to make informed career choices that will lead to meaningful careers and purposeful lives. Through our diverse network of employer and community partners we connect students to internships and professional opportunities, and assist them in obtaining gainful employment in our ever-changing urban and global environment.

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CEEL Staff

Taina Cutler 鈥 Executive Director (201) 761-6405
Mary Mercado 鈥 Associate Director (201) 761-6412
Sondra Riley 鈥 Director for Internships & Experiential Learning (201) 761-6413
Daryl Levy 鈥 Coordinator, TREX Internships (201) 761-6410