Jesuit Identity

Catholic Tradition

Jesuit and Catholic Attitudes of Heart

Reverence, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Generosity, Fidelity, Compassion, Hope

Jesuit and Catholic Values as Articulated at SA国际传媒 Peter’s

Discernment of Spirits:

  • Through self-knowledge to freedom
  • Paying attention to the movements of the heart
  • Values and intellect together

Cura Personalis:

  • Care of the whole person
  • Dignity and value of each person
  • Education of the whole person
  • Solidarity with others
  • Men and women with and for others

Finding God in All Things:

  • Contemplatives in action
  • Stewards of creation
  • Global perspective
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • The bedrock of Jesuit education


  • 鈥淔or the greater glory of God鈥
  • Freedom to choose
  • Excellence and rigor in all things

鈥淢en and women with and for others鈥:

  • Solidarity and equality of all people
  • Dignity of the human person
  • Social nature of the human person
  • Care of creation
  • Service: love shown by action

Service of Faith and Promotion of Justice:

  • Faith is a verb, lived in our acts of justice
  • Act justly: respect the demands of right relationship
  • Promote the common good
  • Preferential option for the poor (Mt 25)
  • Critical thinking and effective communications
  • Life-long commitment to service

Catholic Principles and Values

  • The Dignity of the Human Person
  • Equality and Solidarity of All People
  • Social Nature of the Human Person
  • Political and Economic Rights and Responsibilities
  • Promotion of the Common Good
  • Preferential Option for the Poor
  • Promotion of Peace
  • Care for God鈥檚 Creation

Jesuit Values

  • A Sense of the Giftedness of Creation
    (World-affirming / Find God in all things)
  • Dignity and Value of Each Person
    (Person-centered / Appreciation of diversity / Solidarity)
  • Development of the Whole Person
    (Humanistic education / Responsible decision-making)
  • Call to Human Excellence
    (Academic rigor / Development of gifts and talents)
  • Action-oriented
    (Compassionate service / Agents of change for a better world)

Ideals of Jesuit Education

  • Pursuit of Excellence
  • Respect for the World, Its History and Mystery
  • Learning from Experience
  • Contemplative Vision Formed by Hope
  • Development of Personal Potential
  • Critical Thinking and Effective Communication
  • Appreciation of Things both Great and Small
  • Commitment to Service
  • Linking Faith with Justice
  • Special Concern for the Poor and Oppressed
  • International and Global Perspective
  • Discerning Mindset: Finding God in all Things

Jesuit Education Is…

  • Instrumental:
    (鈥ot an end in itself, but a means to the service of God and others.)
  • Student Centered:
    (鈥dapted to the individual as much as possible, to nurture an independent and responsible learner.)
  • Characterized by Structure:
    (鈥ith systematic organization of successive objectives and systematic procedures for evaluation and accountability.)
  • Flexible:
    (鈥 freedom is encouraged and personal responsibility and self-direction expected; the teacher is an experienced guide, not primarily a deliverer of pre-packaged knowledge.)
  • Eclectic:
    (鈥rawing on a variety of the best methods and techniques available.)
  • Personal:
    (鈥he whole person is affected, with the goals of personal appropriation, attitudinal and behavioral change, and overall excellence.)

聽Petrean Pledge

As a Petrean, I embrace the values that foster the human respect and integrity needed for people to live, work, study and interact as a learning community at SA国际传媒 Peter鈥檚 College.

In this spirit,I will act in accordance with the
values defined in the College鈥檚
mission statement.I will respect the uniqueness and
dignity of each person.I will practice personal and academic

I will be responsible and accountable
for my actions and their impact on

I will abide by the policies of the

I will demonstrate self-discipline in
all situations and seek peaceful
resolutions of adverse situations.


I will publicly stand for all of these